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At West Yorkshire Steel we provide an efficient service combined with knowledge of our steel grades and specifications. An ISO 9001 accredited family run business serving industry's special steel requirements since 1975.


Quality steel, reliably delivered.

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West Yorkshire Steel Company Ltd

Sandbeck Industrial Estate, Wetherby, Leeds, LS22 7DN UK

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Tool steel grades are supplied to British Standard BS4659 BS EN ISO 4957, European Standards Werkstoff and DIN, American AISI ASTM A681 specifications available in cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel and plastic mould tool steel. Tool steel specifications are available in bar, plate, sheet and bandsaw cut pieces from round or rectangular section. Ground tool steel products including silver steel bar and gauge plate / ground flat stock can be supplied in standard and non-standard sizes and specifications. 


BS4659AISI ASTM A681WerkstoffDIN 17350 BS EN ISO 4957
BO1 O1 1.2510 95MnWCr5


D2 1.2825 100MnCrW4
BD3 D3 1.2379 X155CrVMo12-1
BD6 D6 1.2080 X153CrMoV12
BA2 A2 1.2436 X210Cr12
BH13 H13 1.2363 X210CrW12
BS1 S1 1.2344 X100CrMoV5
BO2 O2 1.2550 X40CrMoV5-1
BP20 P20 1.2842 60WCrV7
BP20 + Sulphur P20+S 1.2311 90MnCrV8
KE672   1.2312 40CrMnMo7
KE960   1.2083 40CrMnMoS 8 6
    1.2767 X40Cr14
    1.8159 X45NiCrMo4

Stainless steel specifications including Precipitation hardening grades, austenitic stainless, martensitic, duplex and super duplex and high alloyed stainless steel grades are available in round bar, flat bar and plasma cut stainless steel plate and guillotined stainless sheet.


316S31 316 1.4401 X5CrNiCuNb16-4 S17400 A182
316S11 316L 1.4541 X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7 S31254 A564 
321S31 321 1.4845   S31803 630
310S31 310 1.4301   S32760 F51
304S11 310S 1.4539   S66286 F55
904S14 304 1.4542   S21800 F44
254SMO 304L 1.4547   Nitronic 60  A453
410S21 904L 1.4021     A370
416S21 431 1.4028     A638
420S29 440B 1.4034     A276
420S37 440C 1.4057     660B
420S45 410 1.4462     660D 
431S29 416 1.4943      
FV520B 420 1.4944       

Conforming to British, European and International standards, high speed steel grades are available in round bar, flat bar, plate and sheet.  High Speed Steel Tool Bits are supplied in diameters, flats and squares.


BS4659AISI ASTM A681WerkstoffDIN 17350
BM2 M2 1.3343 BS EN ISO 4957
BM35 M35 1.3243 S 6-5-2
BM42 M42 1.3247 S 6-5-2-5
      S 2-10-1-8

Alloy steels including engineering steel, high tensile steel, nitriding steel, case hardening steel, oil & gas steel specifications conforming to British (BS970), European (Euronorm EN10083), American (AISI) and International standards.


EN19 EN19T EN19U EN19A 708M40 50CrV4 4130
EN24 EN24T EN24U 709M40 51CrV4 4140

EN26 EN26W EN26X 

817M40 16MnCr5 4145
EN36  EN34  EN39 826M40   4340
EN40 EN40B EN40BT 655M13   4330V
EN41 EN41S 722M24   8620
EN47 905M39    





Carbon steel grades to British Standard BS970 are available in round bar, flat bar, plate and sheet. Key Steel bright drawn square and flat bar.


BS970 EN GradesBS970DIN
EN8 080M40 C40
EN9 080M46 C45
EN3 080M50 C50
EN32 080A42 C60

Flame cutting / steel profiling of mild steel, boiler plate steel and medium carbon steel grades can be supplied normalised / stress relieved. Flame cut steel profiles can be Lumsden ground or precision ground to size.


EN8 10025 S275 A516 Grade 60
EN9 10025 S275JR A516 Grade 65
EN3 10025 S355 A516 Grade 70
EN32 10025 S355J2+N A285 Grade C
080M40 10207 SPH 265  
080A42 10028 P265 GH  
070M55 10028 P355 NL1  
080M46 P265GH, P355NL  
080M50 4360 43A  
070M20 4360 50B  
080M15 4360 50C  
080A15 4360 50D  
  1501 161 430A  
  1501 161 430B  
  1501 224 490B LT50  
  1501 223 490B LT50  
  1501 225 490B LT50  

Annealed spring steel or hardened and tempered spring steel strip, spring steel plate and sheet. Carbon spring steel silicon manganese spring steel and chromium vanadium (chrome vanadium) spring steel (AISI 6150, 50CrV4) are supplied in round and flat bar. Stainless spring steel strip is available in grade 301 spring temper rolled.


BS970 ENBS970BS1449
EN42 080M50 CS70
EN43 250A53 CS80
EN45 250A57 CS95
EN47 735A50 CS100

11% to 14% high manganese steel available in plate. X120Mn12, 1.3401, Mangalloy, Hadfield Steel is an austenitic working hardening steel.

British Standard grades of continuous cast iron bar and Meehanite supplied in round and flat bar.  S G Iron – Spheroidal Graphite Iron available in round bar and some flat bar sizes.



BS EN 1561 1563

DIN 1691 1693


BS EN 1563

Grade 200

GJL 200



GJS 420-12

Grade 220

GJL 250



GJS 400-15

Grade 250

GJL 260



GJS 500-7

Grade 260




GJS 600-3

Grade 300




GJS 700-2

Grade 350        

Aluminium Bronze CA104, Phosphor Bronze PB1 PB2 PB102, Aluminium 6082 T6, Aluminium Tooling Plate, Copper, Brass, Titanium 6Al-4V

product supply

All grades can be supplied as steel bar, steel plate, steel sheet or cut from block. Non-standard sizes can be produced. To provide you with the product that you want we offer a full range of services; with automated band sawing facilities for cut steel blanks, profiled sheet and plate.  West Yorkshire Steel supply stainless steel plasma cut plates and flame cut steel profiles of carbon steel grades. Steel bars can be centreless ground. Steel plate can be Lumsden ground or precision surface ground to tight tolerances. Steel sheet can be guillotine cut to size.

The quality management system of West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd has been assessed and approved by many of our customers. West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd has been assessed and registered by ICS Registrars Ltd to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard, with continuous reassessment to ensure the ongoing supply of quality products and a continued commitment to service and quality.

test certificates

All products can be supplied with either a Certificate of Conformity, Material Certificate or 3.1b Mill Certificate. Please ensure that you provide details of your required certification when placing any orders.

A copy of our ISO 9001:2008 approval certificate can be downloaded.

steel specification search

The search facility on our website offers you information on all our products and services.  However our sales department are always on hand should your product requirements not be found.  Click here to search our site.

West Yorkshire Steel Ltd Sandbeck Industrial Estate, Wetherby, Leeds. LS22 7DN UK
Telephone: 01937 584 440 Facsimile: 01937 580 128
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